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Click on any species link below to view pics of that particular species. Click on recent pics to see a variety of catches over the past several months.
One trip with you and I was in on the catch of a 70+ pound Jewfish, A 190+ pound Jewfish, an 60+ pound Jewfish, 8 Pennit (to 8lbs.), Crevall Jack, Spanish Mackerel and Snapper.
This letter is not for intended for your ego, but rather for the thousands of other people that think like I did. Take a tip from some one who has been on both sides of the coin, spend the money and hire a professional Charter Captain, it will be the best $500.00 you will ever spend.
Knowledge is something that no one can ever take away from you.
Thanks for the greatest day fishing that I ever had, and also for the untold other days you afforded me.
Respectfully, Joe Koch

Thank you so much for taking the time to send us the newspaper article from the fishing trip we took with you. We love it! We had a marvelous time and when we come back to Bonita Springs we will book another trip. We did leave your brochure and card with Carrie's aunt and uncle so they may be calling.
Again thank you for the great time and for the article.

Capt Dave,
This was a great  day of flshing and I want to thank you for taking us to the right spot. It was worth the wait and your patience and peseverence paid off.
My wife baked the BIG Permit fish that I caught, and it was excellent. It had to be the best fish that I can remember eating.
Your web site is outstanding and it has given my wife a chance to see what a Permit fish looks like. I'll be looking for my picture on your website in the near future. Again, thanks for a great day !
Mike Pratko

Hi Captain Dave!!
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed going fishing with you last week. We cooked the fish-The grouper was great and so was the snapper! The catch really "filled the quota at the table"--two meals for two families! Ray and I enjoyed fishing but the biggest thrill was seeing the boys catch those fish. We plan to get a copy of Sport Fishing for them to ha\e to go along with the pictures we took. If that's not the right name of the magazine, you'll hear from us again!
Once again, thanks so much for helping us have a memorable trip!
Ray, Sherry, Joel and Daniel Glasgow

Subj: Great Day
Date: 02/04/2000 11:59:55 PM Eastern Standard Time To: Fishbuster
Dave, I want to thank you for a very fun day on your vessel. We all had a wonderful time catching the 11 different variety of fish. I personally want to thank you for being determined to hook one of the Bonito fish even though our time limit was up with you. I had a strong desire when we came to Florida this week to catch a good fish. I know you could have brought that fish into the boat much faster than me. I really appreciated your coaching and teaching me what to do. I know that wasn't probably a big fish by your standards, but it was great for me to experience. I will have great memories for a life time to come. I am eager to see the pictures as that fish is starting to grow already. HaHa. I also was fascinated to watch you fillet each fish. It is obvious that you have a strong love for nature and what you do. I am proud of you for going after your love and sharing it with others from around this world. I will be honored to give you a testimonial if you desire. I know Bob and Martha are looking forward to the next time they can go out with you. Again thank you for helping create one of my life's desires. Please feel free to email me back. I will be passing your web site onto all my friends. May God grant you many days of sharing his creations with others.  Phil Christy

Subj: recent fishing trip
Date: 04/03/2000 9:00:27 AM Eastem Daylight Time
Whenever we travel to Florida, we always look forward to our fishing excursions with you. We always catch a ton of fish, almost always get sun burned (our fault, not yours) and always have a great time. What I like best is how well you treat our kids. You are both patient and humorous. Our kids leave always wanting to come back. So, the next time we are down your way, we'll get in touch and do it again.
Thanks! Lance Mead

Just to let you know that Cap't. Dave at Fishbusters is great with kids on his fishing trips. My husband has taken our grandchildren several times, and they all had a "blast" and caught fish too. The most recent trip (this past July), our grandson, Tim, insisted we take the fish he caught back to Ohio. We did, and we drove! Packed it in dry ice (available at all Publix supermarketrs). It arrived fully frozen. There was enough to feed eight people. We had a fish fry. It was delicious. Just thought I'd pass this on. Nancy Duritsch

Went on a Fishbuster Charter with Captain Dave Hanson on November 17th.  Arriving at his boat, I found it very clean and well equipped.  We got to one of Capt. Dave's secret fish locations and started fishing, but the fish were not cooperating.  Made a small move and he found FISH!!!!  We got our limit of Snapper, plus Trigger, Grunt and Pork fish.  Yours truly messed up on a few Grouper (they're still swimming).  I had a blast!!!!   Capt. Dave did an excellent job.   I'm looking forward to going again.   Larry V, Bonita Springs

Dave,  Thanks for a great trip.  Dad & I rented a boat the next day & fished a great hole near the last place you put us on & caught 34 Sheepies.  Good to see you did so well offshore.   Take care.  We'll see you next December.
Brett A. Dargis

From: John Burlingame


Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 8:48 PM

Subject: Burlingame Trip last Saturday

Captain Dave,
Thanks for a great trip last Saturday. Kaley, Reilly, Ken and I all enjoyed a terrific time and appreciate your good nature and patience with two old beginners and two youngsters.
We ate the snapper and sheepshead on Sunday. They tasted great.
As I told you when we left, I'll be sure to mention your name to anyone travelling to the Naples area. Thanks again for a terrific day on the Gulf.
Best regards, John Burlingame

Captain Dave is the Man!

Dave honestly advised me to forgo the back-bay fishing due to poor conditions and instead go off shore. We did that. Dave's boat is kick ass, and the 19 mile trip off shore was fun. Dave complained about being cold, but to us Yankees, it wasn't bad. Dave had the spot in his GPS and within 5 minutes after our baits were down, we were onto fish. We caught fish from then right up until we left. We only left due to impending rain and we didn't want to get caught out there. We caught perhaps a dozen different species, some small, and some big. The highlight was when I ended up decoying a large gag grouper to hanging at the side of the boat with a red snapper I was reeling in just long enough for Dave to grab the heavy gear with a chunk of fish on it. What a trip that was! That bad boy measured around 30 inches and 11 lbs. I'm sold on Dave's skills as a guide, and I will be sure to seek out his services on future trips to Florida.
Thanks Dave!  Dan

Thanks for a great time!! Fishing up "north" will never be the same. Hope to see you again soon.
Randy L. Nichols

Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 7:11 PM
Subject: Back home with memories
Cap'n. Dave,
Had a good time with you on our Florida trip. You are a good host and attended to our needs as they came up and we even caught some fish to boot !

Dear Dave,
Thanks for a great trip. I had an awesome time out there fishing and really appreciate the way that you took care of Jim and myself. Thanks again, and hopefully we'll schedule another trip sometime soon!
Best Wishes-Steve Abel

Dear Dave:  Just a note to thank you very much for a great day.  My kids and I had a blast!  We went right to the Fish House for lunch and they cooked up all the fish.  I didn't realize how much we had!!  (i tipped the cook extra for cooking so much---(I owe you a tip for cleaning so much!)  I just ate more for dinner!  Anyway, thanks again.  I already gave your card to a friend who is down here a lot.  Best of luck.  Dave Manning

Captain Dave,
Just got home yesterday, saw the pics today! We sure had a great time, and hated to leave Florida on Sunday. We were all too tired to fix the fish on Monday, so we grilled it outside on Tuesday. You were was delicious! And all of it was mild, just like you said! (I personally liked the trigger fish!)
When we come back to Sanibel, we'll look you up again. Thanks again for a great time!
Jenni and the rest of the gang!!

Captain Dave Hanson:
Thanks for a great day of fishing on the gulf. The catching of red grouper was an interesting experience. The quantity and quality of the fish was extra ordinary. We all had a very enjoyable day. Thanks again..
Harold King, son Mark and Grandson Josh.  Bonita Springs
It is a pleasure to fish with Captain Dave. He makes if enjoyable.
Stephen T. Parker,Partner: Parker & Laboy Marketing, L.L.C, Bonita Springs, Fl.

Thanks Captain Dave. We had a great time, the amount of fish caught will be a good fishing story for years to come. We enjoyed your company and service, the boat was more than sufficient to accommodate six people.
Thanks again for such a nice trip.
Harvey Johnson

Greetings from the Bowdens! We had a fantastic morning with you...a memorable time. We look forward to future outings. You run a great fishing experience - and the filets of grouper and snapper were well appreciated by the landlubbers of the family!
All the best in the New Year....Boyd and Emily

Hello Captain Dave and Marty,
Thank you for sending the email pic and copy of newspaper article w/ Anna's pics.  We copied the full article at Walmart as a photo reprint... turned out excellent.  Gave copies to Grandma etc.  Thanks again.
 Please let me know if you have any openings for 1/2 day on any Fri, Sat in February, '05.  2
 I realize this is your peek season and understand if you are fully scheduled.  Although we appreciate past referral of other charters... we just won't go if we can't schedule with you.  Your excellent service and wonderful past trips have spoiled us. Thank you for checking into this,
Susan Baker

    Captain Dave, thanks for the great trip you provided for me, my dad and son
    on January 20th. My dad, a lifelong fisherman, was totally impressed with
    your knowledge of the hottest fishing spots in the Bay, your "special" way
    of baiting the shrimp, and still talks about the great sheepshead catch we
    all made (along with the trout). He said that the trip he made
    the following day with a fishing charter in the gulf couldn't compare with
    the experience you gave us the day before. Thank you so much for your
    patience and great attitude - we'll do it again the next time we're down!
    Pat Torok
    Ed Sabo
    Chris Torok

I just wanted you to know I had a great time fishing with you, Cap'n Dave. It was fun learning how to fish the bottom. In fact I had the whole bottom on for a while, until whatever it was went under a rock. Sorry about losing that hook, line and sinker on you Dave, after you taught me so well?!! When I got the fish home I had enough for three meals for four of us. Everyone says 'Thanks'
I want to try to schedule a day during the week of Aug 7th through the 12th. Maybe you could get a customer to split with me for the whole day! I'm up for it!
I went fishing with my friend Randy on the 19 of March, over by the bridge to Sanibel. We found plenty of action in about 4 ft of water, anchored around weed beds. Got a 3 ft Bonnet head, a lady fish, a flounder, a sea trout and several others. Of course I had to get my blow fish fix, son of a gun broke my hook getting it out.
More later, gotta go, we just had ice out. I'm goin' to get the boat out of storage.
Dave Karrer.

Hey..this is Austin and Will(bur). We saw the pictures on the internet and think they are great. We had a fun time fishing with you and learned a lot. Austin's mom thought the trout was the prettiest. The fish tasted great. We caught three snapper and a sheepshead in the canal across from where we are staying and used live shrimp for bait.
Thanks again........Austin, Will(bur) and Bob

Dear Dave, Just a note to say Thanks for a great day of fishing. Catching the shark was certainly a highlight of the trip with you. We will certainly be back. Yours truly, Reiner Neumann.

This was the most AWESOME fishing trip we have been on. That is the first thing we tell people about our vacation the great time and the numerous fish we caught with Captain Dave. Thanks for the memories! We've told many people, and will be returning next year:)
Thanks a bunch!
Monique and Brian
P.S. I still can't get over how fast you clean those fish:)

Hi Captain Dave,
I just got back from our holiday and saw the picture with Ethan. WOW!!! Thank you for a wonderful morning. My son Ethan is "hooked" and bragging! See you next year.
Gary, Ross, and Ethan

The Graham's alway have a great time with you.  If the fish are there, you find them.   We had a great time yesterday and loved the photo.
Bob and brothers Tom and Don

Dave - Just want to again thank you for the great times we have had together fishing.  Over the past 12 years we have been fishing a number of times and you always seem to find the fish !!!   We have caught just about everything, from Snapper to Grouper, Snook, Redfish, Mackerel, Goliath Grouper to Permit and Tarpon to name a few . . .
You have been always professional and get excited every time we go and really love what you do. You always do your best to catch fish for everyone and most of all, I have always enjoyed your company and friendship.
Really look forward to our next fishing trip and until then, best of luck to you and your family.  Over the years I have been out with a lot of different guides, but you are A number 1 and the greatest!!! Gregg Bedell, Columbus, Ohio          

Capt Dave, Thanks again for the wonderful morning of Fishing in the back waters on Monday 3/12/06.  My son Alex and Father-in-Law Chuck had such a great time.  It made it all worth it to me.  Your name went up and down Little Hickory Island all week via my son.  This will really make a great impression on him for a long time to come.  Wish you all the luck and will be in touch the next time we are in town.
Your friend.   Joe Goodall

Great trip, and we enjoyed ourselves. My other children will join us on our next trip. Brent Larabee

Hey Dave,
Attached, please find those pictures from our day of fishing with you of that enormous grouper.  Grouper Deluxe, I'd say.  I also included a picture of our trashcan slam - three different fish all caught at once.
 On a separate note,  as you know, Dad is in tough shape.   Each year we go out with you I consider a bonus of borrowed time with him.  He so enjoys it - so much so that he just starts spontaneously laughing - he's so happy to be out and enjoying himself.  He thinks you're the king, and what I notice is how attentive and good you are to him. Perhaps you have your own reasons as to why you're so kind to someone else's dad.  You are a professional, fun to go out with, instructive, knowledeable and patient (with both of us) and a real pleasure to know. Thank you so much for another great trip.(and quit fretting about how clean your boat is.  You could eat off that boat it's so spotless!)
.....Hopefully, we'll see you next season. Cheers, Tim

Hi Captain Dave,
We wanted to thank you for the "thrill of a lifetime" that you gave us and the "four cousins" last Tuesday.   We instructed to you help them catch some fish, and they caught fish all day long.   (I should have kept count.)  I think not 5-10 minutes went by without someone having a fish on their line.  The boys got themselves a saltwater fish guide book, and are finding the different varieties of fish that we caught:  Spanish mackerel, hogfish, snapper, triggerfish, grouper, blue runner.. Too many to name!

I'd like to say to anyone with kids, ours were ages 8-13, this is a fantastic adventure for them.  It's all they've talked about to their friends.  Captain Dave is VERY patient with them and is a great instructor.  I was wondering if it would be worth the money, and it was ten-times over.  I'll remember this day always.  You're not just a fishing guide, but someone who helps families create lasting memories.
We do plan to return !
P.S. We love your website, thanks for the photo!
Brgds, Ann Sokol

Hi Dave,
thank you for teaching us how to catch fish.
The taste was delicious. Even the mackerel.
We sauteed them in butter, only 1 minutes!
Dr. Scheider, Uta & Uli

Hi Dave:
I know, you see things like this everyday, but us landlocked Midwesterners don't.
Thanks for the fishing trip, we all had a great time.
Can't wait for tonight's fish fry!Thanks again.
Bob & Rita Grant
Helen & Leroy Bruner

This is the best picture from another fantastic Florida Gulf fishing
experience. The variety of fish and Captain Dave's knowledge of when, where and
how to fish is OUTSTANDING. I've fished from Lake Gatun in the Panama Canal to
Clear Creek confluence in Alaska and never had a better guide! Thanks Dave -
Lee Larsen (South Dakota)

Capt. Dave, thanks again for a wonderful day of fishing.  We caught a lot of fish and had plenty to feed our guests for Alex's sisters 1st birthday.  It seems to get better each time we have come down.  We will be back again next year and hope to see you then.  Alex was excited to fish with you again and can't wait until next year to do it again.   Good luck for the rest of the season.  Thanks again for the great time.Your friend, Joe Goodall

Hi Captain Dave! This is Terry & Teri...We just wanted to tell you what a Wonderful time we had on our fishing trip!  We all caught a lot of fish  We are still talking and bragging about the BIG 3 that we caught and released.  That was a chance of a lifetime!  WOW!  We truly enjoyed our day and we cooked the fish that night and it was great! We were talking with some friends down the street and we may want to schedule a return trip sometime soon.  There would be 4 of us.  Will it be possible to catch some Big ones like we did again?!!  What a thrill.  I am going to look online to find some places to stay and try to put a trip together. Just wanted to let you know....You are a great Captain and entertainer too!  You do a great job and we will certainly reccomend you to everyone!  Thanks again  Teri

I wanted to extend to you appreciation for our fishing trip on Thursday.
We had a great time and will take the memory of the big grouper you helped me to land with us for a long time.  Additionally, we intend to eat one of the 6 packages of fish that we caught this evening and thus the folks will have several more evening meals with which to remember our trip. I will look forward to coming back and you will be my first choice to fish with again next year.
Thanks again, Greg Elliott

Bill Fritzo

We just jumped on your site and see the photos of our big haul are already there..thanks!  This was the first time my boys (and my wife) had ever been out charter fishing.  As one of my son's stated "It was awesome! And I like Captain Dave, he was so nice!"  It was great to have you as our Captain.  We look forward to sending some future business your way.
Thanks again! The Kinsel Family
Indianapolis IN

Captain Dave,
 Thank you again for a great day of fishing!  My son Blake had a great time, and was so excited about taking copies of the photos of him holding the fish and a copy of the day's fishing report to show his buddies at school.  It was a big step for him to hold those fish.  Now we're working on baiting a hook with shrimp.  We always have had such a positive experience fishing with you, whether backwater or offshore, and look forward to getting back out soon.  Next year Blake's brother Connor is coming too, and they're both becoming great fishermen, which I feel is one of the greatest gifts to give a child. Merry Christmas and tight lines to you and your wife!
 Brett A. Dargis

Hey Dave,
Thanks again for a tremendous Saturday of fishing. We all had an absolute blast (even Carl). I would recommend you to anyone in the area looking for a charter and you can definitely expect calls from me in the future.
Attached are some pics, I'm going to send a few at a time so they get through easier.
Thanks again, Brian

Cap't Dave & Marti....
The snapper was delicious! We had it for dinner last night & again tonight. Saturday was a perfect day on the water. Thanks! Tom

Just wanted to thank you for your fishing reports that you  update
religiously each week.  As a new resident of FL, I truly appreciate this .
It sure does help when you have no idea where to go or what to do.
Thanks again,
Jim Wilson

Just wanted to say thanks again for another terrific outing.  Your
abilities with children are outstanding.  The pictures were great.

Hope 2008 is a great one for you.
Thanks again.Jerry De Mars
P.S.  Good thing we only did half a day with the thunderstorms that
rolled in.

Capt. Dave,
Always a fun trip.  Great website.  See you next year.  Thanks.
Sam Sayles

VERY cool!  Thanks!
The Hook clan

Thanks Dave -- Howard and I are sending out your contact info to friends-- great day - Will see you again.Steve Potash

Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the great time we had fishing Friday, June 6th with Captain Dave.  We were thrilled to catch and release the two Goliath Groupers and enjoyed learning more about the fishing techniques in the Gulf.
See you next summer! Robert Smith

To anyone interested, I just wanted to take a minute to chronicle our day of fishing with Fishbuster Charters on Monday, June 16th.  My brother in-law Scott arranged for a half-day trip in the back bays for the two of us as well as my father in-law Jerry and my 10 year-old nephew Nicholas.

I can't say enough about how great Captain Dave was in working with all of us but especially with Nicholas.  He was patient and always made the initially tentative rookie at ease during the trip.  Needless to say, that tentative nature seemed to fade when Captain Dave put Nicholas on a great patch of Snapper and then on a 20 inch Redfish.  Confidence even started to boil over when Nicholas pulled in his second Redfish of the morning, this time a 22 incher.  My father in-law had a great time as well hooking up with a 19 ½ inch Redfish as well as a 26 inch snook along with a slew of snapper.  Much as I hate to admit it, Scott and I were out-fished that day but also managed a great batch of Snapper along the way. Captain Dave did an outstanding job of putting us on the fish and working hard in some difficult wind conditions to keep us in action all morning.  We had a great trip and would recommend Captain Dave to anyone interested in a great day of fishing.
Steve Smith

I think I need to adopt your style of fishing. I have been out for three days and it has been harder than heck to find fish! Even the Charter guys are having a difficult time. Sure makes you appreciate Dave!

Hey, Capt. Dave,  just wanted to send a note that We had a great time on our gulf trip.  All the fish made it back to Kansas for a big fish fry.  We will keep you in mind for future trips.  Thanks--Dan Slavenburg and Ryan Unruh. 6-21-08

Dear Captain Dave,
I would just like to express my gratitude on a great trip that we had on Wednesday July 30th. I would like to thank you for your patience with my 11 year old son, his friend (and the adults too ha ha). Not only did we catch a lot of fish, we gained a lot of knowledge.My son said it was the highlight of his summer vacation.  I am looking forward to next year, and I would highly reccomend your charter.
Thanks again,Chris Palumbo

Dave and Marti,
Thanks for a great trip it was more that we could have hoped for. Dave really knows fishing and he works so well with kids. The Grieble's and Bakers will definitely be back for more charters. Thanks, Doug-7-29-08

Captain Dave,
Many thanks for the great fishing trip on Dec 22, 2008. My son Justin and I sure enjoyed learning about Estero Bay and while the day started out with poor weather you managed to get us on some successful fishing like a great guide. We really appreciated it.
Bill Darkoch

Hi Capt. Dave,
Just want to thank you for your great fishing report/journal with regular updates on your fishing adventures down there!!  We live up in cold, snowy Michigan and my wife, son and I are hoping to get down to Ft. Myers Beach again this year sometime in April.  It sure is nice to see the pictures and hear what you're getting in the meantime to at least warm our spirits.  Our ice fishing up here has slowed quite a bit in the last few weeks, but we're always trying new things and new areas nonetheless.  Hope to maybe get a charter with you some day down there, as it seems like you really understand what it's all about. Look forward to your next fishing report!
All the best--See ya,
Brad DeWyse, E. Tawas, MI

Dave, just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on Jan 26.  Some of the other guys are already talking about getting back down fishing, but only with you.  Thanks for a great day.  Barry Pflueger

This is the 3rd year I have had to pleasure of fishing with Cap't Dave Hanson in the Gulf off the Southwest Florida Coast. As always, I learned lots of tricks to bring the "keepers" from the bottom of the Gulf. Every trip has been a success and his knowledge, experience and expertise are truly remarkable. I look forward to our next trip. Chuck Gerner, Amateur Fisherman (2-14-09)

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to send a note and tell you how much we enjoyed our trip
yesterday. This made Johnny's 15th birthday really special. Thank you
for having patience with him when he tossed the bait into the trees. The
fish were great. We took them to the Fish House Restaurant last night
and had a fun meal. He will never forget this. I will definitely see you
again sometime. You really run a class act!
Ronald ( Butch) Haggin (3-6-09)

Jim "The Judge" Gunz, and my son Max accompanied me on a great Back Bay fishing trip courtesy of Capt. Dave Hanson, who proved to be a splendid teacher.  We had a terrific time learning to catch fish with circle hooks.  We will fish with Dave again, if he will have us!  In any case, Dave is 1st Class-runs a smooth operation with the highest degree of integrity.  We value him as a friend. Many thanks Dave. Jim, Max and Joe (3-09)

Judge Gunz, my son Max and I fished with Capt. Dave in back bay waters on 2/27/09.  In our many years of fishing with guides all over the country we easily rate Capt. Dave Hanson at the very top.  Dave displays a great sense of humor along with incredible fishing knowledge.  We only hope Capt. Dave will guide us again next year, given our penchant for missing hook-ups the majority of trip.  For a great trip, and fulfilling learning experience, we recommend Capt. Dave without reservation.
Joe & Max Burgert & Jim "The Judge" Gunz

Marti and Dave, thanks again for such a great time fishing last week.  We always have a great time in your neck of the country.   We cooked and ate everything.  We rented a pontoon boat on Wednesday, Alex caught a small red fish up near Big Carlos Pass?.  Hope you guys have a great spring and will look to schedule another trip next March. Joe & Alex Goodall (3-09)

Hello Marti
I just wanted to thank Captain Dave for a great day out on the water last Friday. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I really hope I get to do that again next year. Thank you and Captain Dave--Larry Jack

Captain Dave was fabulous - enthusiastic, professional, witty (he put little brother Richard in his place [LOL]), patient and highly knowledgeable.  We had a great time on our half day adventure in open, calm seas.  A magnificent FIVE STAR experience was had by all, Angie, Jeff, David, Richard and I.  The highlight seems to have been the tussle of 4-5 minutes with that Goliath Grouper that sat me on my tush as it veered around the back of the boat.  Capt. Dave joined me momentarily on the floor of the boat while trying to keep the gear clear of his twin 225s.

With more than a helping hand from the Skipper, we managed to bring the Beast boatside for photo ops and video.  That video footage has made the rounds in Tennessee and Michigan, possibly Massachusetts, Florida and Kentucky and YouTube as well.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for us and will never be forgotten.

 The rest of the expedition was also fun end eventful as we caught a bounty of other delights, some of which made it to our freezer: grunt, porgi, Spanish mackerel, triggers, puffers, grouper, snapper and others.  We also lost at least one king mackerel that released less than 20 feet from the boat after chewing through all but the head of what appeared to be a snapper that was being reeled in when it hit.  An absolutely amazing experience that I look forward to keeping high on my list of future "must-dos!"
For all of us, a big, "THANKS," Captain Dave,
Mark Evans
For Angie, David, Richard and Jeff (5/09)

We had a great fishing trip with Captain Hanson!  Caught lots of snappers and other fish!  My  son-in-law from New York greatly enjoyed going out in our beautiful Florida waters.
Thank you, Captain Hanson, for a good day of fishing! Mack Wilson (6/09)

Dave...the boys and I had a great time fishing.  We really enjoyed the day
and catching and releasing the Goliath Groupers will resonate with all of us for a life-time.
I gave your contact info to Bill, and he will be contacting you regarding a trip around Thanksgiving.  He needs to see one of those
goliath groupers! Don't let me down...because I bragged you up!
Hope to schedule another trip with you in the future.
Dave Conway (8/09)

Hi Captain Dave,
Thanks for the pictures - we had a fantastic fishing experience during our 3 days in Bonita. I have contacted the owner of the rental home and she will be including a "Fishbuster's the Balls" note that we left for the house guest book. In addition, I have e-mailed some owner's in The Brooks who are friends of mine and I am sure that that they will charter with you - they are avid fisherman from Marshfield, MA. I realize that you don't need my advertising assistance but every little bit helps. In addition, ask Marty to pencil us in for July 2, 4 & 5 in 2011, we wouldn't want to fish with anyone else!
Take Care, Mike Bochman (7/10)

Captain Dave,
Thanks again for a fantastic day of fishing!  We are spreading the word that Fishbuster Charters is the way to go.  I hope you had a nice Fourth of July weekend.  We surely enjoyed ours.  Your trip was a perfect way to start it off. Check out this video:
Take care,
Jerry Vojtush, 7/10
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Captain Dave!
We had the best dinner tonight!  The snapper and grunt fish were excellent!  Thanks for a wonderful day!  Richard & Tracie Sturgill
Cotton & Sharon Collins, 7/10

Hey Dave, Thanks again for everything! I've never had a better fishing experience than I did on your boat!Thanks again, Brandon Walker (7-10)

Captain Dave and Marti,  I wanted to thank you for such a great trip.  I was amazed that the kids' pictures were on the web site by the time we got back to our villa the same day.   Our villa has a guest book where you can add comments, and I added a nice comment in the book that chartering a trip with Captain Dave would be a great addition during your stay at the villas in Fort Myers Beach. Thanks, Sherry (10/10)

Captain Dave,
Thanks for a great day on the water.  We've been eating the snapper and grouper and it's delicious. Clay Attebery, 4-28-11

Me and three of my buddies chartered Dave's boat for the day, and what a day we had!  From the time we started 'till the last casts of the day we did nothing but pull in fish.....LOTS of fish!!  Dave was ever so helpful in his tips and tricks, and he never stopped running the whole day.  We caught (and released) HUGH Goliath Groupers to start the day, and before it was all over had caught over a dozen species of fish.  Dave knows the hot spots and can angle just about anything that can be hooked.  Dave demonstrated the "soap fish", and somehow managed to keep everyone in bait and rigs from start to finish.  Fishbusters is the way to go if you are thinking of chartering a deep sea fishing trip!!  Thanks Dave for a day of fishing we will never forget!
Matthew A. Booth 6-20-11

Capt. Dave just wanted to tell you what a great time we all had.  Caught so many big fish we couldn't even get a drink till we had our poles out of the water.  My only complaint was that we said my King Mackerel was 39 inches, but that was after it was in the cooler for hours, we should add about five inches more.  We had the perfect day of fishing far exceeded our expectations.  Were already planning our next outing.  Cant wait, thanks for a great time.
James Long
June 20th Offshore trip

Hi Dave and Marti!!
I just wanted to thank you for everything during our visit there a few weeks back.   Cameron still hasn't stopped talking about catching a shark.  And he's already mentioning wanting to go back again next year.  Hopefully mother nature will be a little more accomodating next time.  Thanks again for a great time and we'll be in touch soon getting things lined up for next Summer!!!!
Ron & Cameron, 7-22-11

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you want a fantastic time with someone who takes to the time to make your trip unbelievable, give this man a call. We took a ½ day fishing trip with Capt. Dave and he would not stop until my son caught his Goliath Grouper X 2. All I can say is that he definitely made the trip a memory we will never forget. THANKS CAPT DAVE !
Mike, Dana and Brodey McConnell-7-18-11

I got on Captain Dave's boat and could tell right off the bat that he is very meticulous about his boat.  This is good.  I always trust someone who takes care of their gear.   I felt safe.   Captain Dave put us on some big fish right away.  We caught and released four goliath grouper.  60lb, 80lb, 300lb and 500lb.  Captain Dave Knew right where they were and got us on them.  You can tell by the way he treated us that he was having fun too.  We all had a great time.  I am going to tell all my fishing buddies that if they are down in Florida to look up Captain Dave.   Captain Dave helped me to achieve a dream of cathing a fish bigger than me.    He put it to us at the beginning of the trip.  "You want to catch fish you can eat, or do you want to have an experience you will remember for a lifetime?" Captain Dave you nailed it. Tim Collins--9-24-11

Marti and Dave: Thanks so much for today. Pat and I had an awesome experience and we will definitely be fishing with you again and will recommend you to anyone coming down this way.We saw the webpage and your you-tube videos. All in all a great experience!
Andy Oliver (10-13-11)

Capt Dave, Once again, Chris and I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience on Thursday.  My wife cooked a piece of the redfish and 3 pieces of the sheepshead last night for supper.  Cooked in canola oil as you had suggested with my wife's secret seasonings.  Even Chris's wife, who is not a fish fan, had some.  Thank you, Robin Latham (01-12-12)

Cap'n Dave and wife : Thanks again for a wonderful day on the Gulf. We have been raving to all our friends here in Breckenridge about the great time. You run a very professional operation. Norm Grieve ( 02-22-12)

Got to spend a day with Capt. Hanson on Ron Musick's boat last Thursday, and there is no one better way to enjoy the Gulf.  We were out 37 miles on clear blue water, virtually no waves, and clear skies.Although he occasionally questioned my fishing prowess, he has a way to make it more fun than if he was just trying to patronize his customers.  Not only is it a fun day, you can really learn a lot as he is willing to share his expertise and knowledge about fishing in the Gulf.   I've been on other charters, but this one is the most informative and fun.  You'll also leave the dock with some fresh fish to take home.  Hank (03-04-12)

Captain Dave Hanson has Fishbusters Charters.  I highly recommend him....I've fished with Dave on at least a dozen trips & have never been disappointed. Good boat & motors always spotless & well maintained, rods & reels rigged up & ready to go, shrimp for bait & he baits all the hooks, GPS used to get to all the structure in the Gulf needed to catch fish, and when we return to Cap't Dave's, he cleans the fish so that all we have to do is cook 'em. Check out his website & you can see for yourself what I'm talking about. You'll need to call early as he gets booked up fast, especially this time of the year. Tom Batchlor (03-29-12)

Dave, I did not get the opportunity to thank you proper, but I had a stellar time!! Thanks again amigo, it was a real departure from the norm and a supreme treat for me and fly guys everywhere.  Trapper Rudd ( 5-23-12)

I had a great trip and really enjoyed it.  It was, by far, the best charter trip that I have ever experienced from almost a dozen trips.  Not only did you find the fish, but everything about the trip was well though out and professional.
Thanks again for a great trip! Jon (10/12)

 Great day of fishing with Fishbusters Charters! Had a great day with Capt. Dave. Caught a variety of fish at each spot which lead to a great fish dinner. After many years of the boys weekend of fishing  this was easy one of the best charters we've been on!!! Thanks Capt.. Dave!!!!! Craig D. (6/1/13)

Dear Capt. Dave: Just wanted to thank you for a great experience and your having the patience to re-bait our hooks for all the shrimp we lost. We had one of the Grouper fillets last evening and it was tremendous. Looking forward to preparing the fish that we have in the freezer, I'm sure we will have many great meals.We will return. Sincerely, Jo-Ellen & Bob Exby-Estero (10-22-13)

We got on fish right away and pretty much continuous action until we left at noon.  Great equipment, nice boat.
Duncan Keirnes, Sioux Falls (1/20/14)

Captain Dave, I want to thank you so much for the awesome day of fishing that Wade and I enjoyed so much! It was absolutely a fun-filled day. That Hammer Head kicked my butt. I never thought that having my butt kicked could be so much fun. I know that Wade feels the same way. I have watched the youtube video that you made at least a dozen times now and I have shared it with many friends. We got home with our fish in good condition, with several stops for dry ice, which was no problem to acquire along the way. You provided us with a high quality day of fishing from beginning to end.! And memories for a lifetime! Wade and I look forward to fishing with you again. Until then may God richly bless you and your family.
Doug Shephard (5/6/14)

Cap't. Dave, Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome experience we had with you fishing. The grouper and snapper were delicious. When we come back, we'll be sure to look you up. The Fox's ( 5/23/14)

Hi Marti and Captain Dave: I just wanted to thank you for the 2 days of fishing. We had a lot of fun. I hope to do it again next year.  Larry Jack  (7/15 & 7/16/14)

Cap't Dave, Thank you very much for such a great fishing trip this morning.  Aedan, Alex and I had a great time. We really appreciate your good humor and patience - the experience we had today will last in our happy memories for a long time.Everyone's arms ache from the constant catching and reeling. You certainly know how to get on the fish. We have never caught so many of such variety.We look forward to going out again with you in the future. (Spring break comes quickly to mind...)
Thanks again, Sean Long (8/7/14)
We had a great time with Captain Dave on our bay fishing voyage. We are still eating fish sandwiches three days later! Couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Hope to do it again next year. (8/6/14)
Great trip Marti and Dave! Quick note to say thanks again and Quinn was so excited to read his fish report and see his pictures on the website. We had a blast and please let us know if you ever need a customer reference? Colin (8/5/14)
Hi Dave...
My brother and I had the best fishing day of our lives with you back in November.  We will be back for more!  Too bad we had to release all of those nice red groupers.  My brother (the chef) cooked up an amazing fish dinner for us...and we froze lots of filets too!!  Who knew that porgy was so tasty!  The fish heads made a nice stock.  BTW---I bought a vacuum sealer for myself upon my return to Connecticut.  So far, I've been freezing Delmonico steaks...but look forward to using the gadget for fish in the future.
Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.
 Bryan (and Gary) Lampner (11/14)
Good morning Capt. Dave and wife,
We know you're out fishing right now, but we just wanted to write and say we had a great time out there. Personally, we achieved what I was hoping to which was catch a shark so everyone could feel it, see some Dolphins that don't effect fishing, catch a variety of interesting fish, and catch dinner. And we did all of that.
Also we used your recipe for the grouper last night and it was easily the best fish I've ever had. Even Matt(guy in muscle shirt who caught one of the keeper groupers but doesn't like seafood) had it and loved it.
Once again we just wanted to say thanks and We hope you do well out there today.
Ryan, Greg, Tom, and Matt (6/15)
I want to thank Capt. Dave for great 2 days of fishing that my son Kullen Cook, father-in-law Denzial Sturgeon, and myself experienced. We will definitely be back next year! He put us on fish, we caught fish,now it's time to eat fish!  Capt Dave knows his stuff!  We caught snapper,grouper,mackerel,shark, and more! Thanks again my friend!   Steve Cook (6/1/16)
Had a great day and caught lots of fish. Was fun to have a captain to banter with. You won't want to miss out on this experience when visiting Bonita Springs. This is a definite thumbs up!
M.G. (3/17/17)
Thank you for a great time on 4/20.  My wife cooked the fish on the evening of the 20th and the boys said it was the best fish meal they have ever had.  Thanks again; see you in Oct/Nov.
Tony(Terry) 4/20/17

Thanks again for our charter.  The four of us appreciated the knowledge that you shared and your knack for putting us on fish at every location. 39 Lane snappers will not be long in the freezer!  Hope to fish with you again, great boat and a great captain. Stay healthy and keep fishing!

Bill, Dave, Mark and Ed (1-6-22)
Thank You, Captain Dave!!!

Don, Paige and I had a great time yesterday, and plenty of photos and fish stories to share with our friends.
We know you take your own photos, but these were 2 super ones,so we wanted to send them to you.
You really made the day great for us, and I promise we'll be back!!

Vicki Graff